List of Experiments:
  1. Study and layout of an automobile repair, service and maintenance shop.
  2. Study and preparation of different statements/records required for the repair and maintenance works.
  3. Cylinder reboring checking the cylinder bore, Setting the tool and reboring.
  4. Valve grinding, valve lapping - Setting the valve angle, grinding and la pping and checking for valve leakage
  5. Calibration of fuel injection pump
  6. Minor and major tune up of gasoline and diesel engines.
  7. Study and checking of wheel alignment - testing of camber, caster.
  8. Testing kingpin inclination, toe -in and toe -out
  9. Brake adjustment and Brake bleeding.
  10. Simple tinkering, soldering works of body panels, study of door lock and window glass ri sing mechanisms.
  11. Battery testing and maintenance.