About Zuzruvas 2012 : Welcome to Zuzruvas'12 : Know how to articulate your talents if you are keen to get ahead in life? Then ZUZRUVAS'12 could be your answer. Yes, this is the right scaffold to show your talents to the society, which you are in. As being one of the Tamil Nadu's most profound Engineering college,we will show you all the viable paths to enunciate your talents. ZUZRUVAS'12 continues our long tradition of bringing together students from every nook and corner of India to exemplify themselves in various fun filled challenging events. So, get ready for the informative and fun packed triumph. Stay tuned, this September 28th..!!

Zuzruvas 2012 : Tech Fest Events : Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Tech fest :

  • Code Wizard(Debugging)
  • Intervista Mock(Mock Interview)
  • Interrogative(Quiz)
  • Web Crawler(Web Designing)
  • Paper Crackers(Paper Presentation)
  • Gunz And Races(Gaming)
  • Inovact(Ad-Zap)
  • Fun Trivia(Win In A Minute)
  • Zone X
  • Robotics Workshop
To know more details about Zuzruvas 2012 , please visit the following link: Zuzruvas 2012